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広島県の秋 Autumn in Hiroshima Prefecture

②庄原市、一枚目は高野町のリンゴ園の一部と山並みですが、二枚目はロッジ付近からの吾妻山です。 高野のリンゴも津軽のリンゴ同様においしいです。(11月3日撮影)
Autumn in Hiroshima Prefecture:
Pictures show how the autumn in following two cities about 80 kilometers apart in a north-south direction looks.
① Onomichi city: One shows a part of the regional sports park and the other the ridge of Shikoku mountain range dim in the distance from the park with the Seto Inland Sea in front of it. (Taken on November 2nd)
② Shobara city: One shows a part of the apple farm with the mountains behind it and the other Mt. Azuma from near the mountain lodge. The apples grown in Takano are as delicious as the ones in Tsugaru in Aomori.
(Taken on November 3rd)