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今年は暖冬でしょうか?  Will it be a mild winter?

1. 発泡スチロール板(断熱用)の内側に黒色ビニール(集熱用)を張った壁板を北と西側に、
2. 太陽光の入る南と東は光透過性の保温ビニールシートを張り、
3. 太陽光の入る天井は透明のアクリル板で覆う、
Wintering preparation in the open air:
I learned how to keep the killifish alive outdoors in the last winter and now I try to keep the water hyacinth alive in this season.
The points of success are said to be the temperature, the sun light and the fertilizer.
To raise the water and the air temperature by the sunlight and its heat in the daytime and prevent it from going down at night, the surroundings of the upper space part of the aquarium are designed
1, to put the styrofoam board walls (for insulation) with the black sheet (for hear collection) inside on it on the north and the west sides
2, to put the transparent vinyl keep-warm sheets on the south and the east sides
3. to cover the ceiling with the transparent acrylic board. 
The fertilizer can be provided naturally by the fish while they are active as long as possible even in the winter season, I hope.