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2020東京オリンピックとボランティア 2020 Tokyo Olympics and volunteers





2020 Tokyo Olympics and volunteers:
The organizing committee of Olympic and Paralympic games is to recruit about 80,000 volunteers and is now overwhelmed with the accusations that the committee pays them no money for transportation, accommodation and so on.
To cope with this situation, the organizing committee has decided to pay them 1,000 yen (about 10 US dollars) per day on September 18, 2018.
This is a part of the article in Japanese at the above written site.
The organizer’s recruiting volunteers with no payment needed for the paid games or events means the for-profit business’s requesting the others’ working for noting, which is shameful and slave-driving.
On the other hand, it is strange for the volunteer to ask for money. If they want to get money, they should not apply to be volunteers.
Anyway, the organizing committee should have been well prepared for the needed payment like the 1884 Los Angels Olympics. If they can’t make it profitable or pay the necessary cost, either, 2020 Tokyo Olympics should not have been planned.