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省エネは永遠です。 No end to energy saving

Electricity consumption saving and its methods:
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry has called for the electricity saving by about 20% from those in Hokkaido.
The standby electricity defined as the one being used while the appliances are not working and it can be said to be wasted electricity.
The total amount of the generated electricity per year in Japan is about 1000 billion kWh and the household sector consumes 40% out of it, 400 billion kWh per year.
Assuming 5% is wasted as the standby electricity, the wasted volume is 20 billion kWh per year.
No waste should be the best, then, the standby electricity consumption should be zero.
This is the eternal technological theme to tackle.
The two newspaper articles show the starting point of my work on developing the technology to make the standingby electricity consumption zero.