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国際化に乗り遅れた国  Less internationalized country

① 言語障壁を少なくするか、英語ができればOKとする、
② 外国人現地の資格(例えば看護師資格)を尊重する、
Japan to be given up by foreign workers?
Japan is not the only country facing labor shortage, but all the developed ones.
Judging from my research on the foreign caregivers, the following conditions are international standard to accept foreign labors.
1. To have less language barrier or to accept English skills like other foreign countries and 
2. To respect the foreigners’ qualifications like a nursing license
Japan has ignored these conditions so that it should be defeated by other countries how much Japan may expect on the foreign labor.
In the near future, Japan will be given up by the possible foreign workers, especially those who can manage English, as a substandard country for the contract labor.