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改善策はあるか、成果の上がらない日本の英語教育  Are there any solutions for no good English education system in Japan?


① 過去150年も変わらないテストによる減点主義、完全主義評価方法を捨て、先生が生徒を痛めつけないこと
② 英語での発言量と記述量を評価し、
③ コミュニケーション手段として致命的でないミスは認めること
2017 English-language ability of junior and senior high school students in Japan:
The survey by the Education Ministry has revealed that Japanese junior and senior high school students have limited English skills, far under the goal set by the Government. It has been the same in the past several decades at least.
On the other hand, according to the Japan Times news, Japan’s TOFEL score is in the 5th place from the bottom and the proficiency is the lowest among 30 Asian countries, which is the same as being in the lowest level in the world. 

That means that in Japan the adults with less English ability have been forcing the students to study English more and more, not studying it by themselves.
The English education in Japan has made no progress in the past 150 years since Meiji Restoration.
To be blamed are almost all of the Education Ministry, schools, English teachers, parents and learners.
To improve the situation, the followings are needed, I think.
1. to abandon the demerit system and the perfectionism in evaluation and not to hurt the students,
2. to evaluate speaking volume and writing volume in English,
3. to allow the mistakes if they are not fatal errors as a communication means
I wonder how many Japanese English teachers carry these out.