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TEL: +81-80-1928-8778

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9:00 ~ 17:00 (Monday ~ Friday)

同郷の漫画家さん  A cartoonist living in the same city

オフライン ミーティング:
SNSで遭遇した方、広告漫画家の うじなかずひこ(ペンネーム、さんに一昨日、事務所に来ていただき直接、お目にかかり、共通の関心事について語り合いました。

Offline meeting:
I happened to meet an advertisement cartoonist on SNS and saw him in person in my office the day before yesterday, talking various things in common.
I envy his talent in expressing or creating many things by means of drawing cartoons.
I hope we can get along with each other for a long time since we share the same music hobby.