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驕れる者久しからず  Pride goes before a fall.

STEP (Society of Testing English Proficiency) not selected as a university entrance exam. method:
I expect they take this occasion to improve their testing system because I had worked for STEP as an oral English proficiency examiner for more than 25 years.
During this period, I know they improved the system a lot to make it fare among the examiners, but it seems not to be evaluated enough.
I also felt that they were bloated with their longest history and the largest number of test-takers without major competitors in Japan. 
STEP is mainly for the school students and looks like a “Galapagos” testing system effective only in Japan.
It is also true that it has been bureaucratized as the company grew bigger and bigger.
For these reasons I myself recommended that the university students or adults should take other examinations rather than STEP.