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たかが英語に何故そんなにこだわるのか? Why do they stick with English, a mere language, so much?

It has again become controversial whether they employ the commercial English proficiency tests or not to judge the 4 English skills at university entrance examinations.
Tokyo University is unlikely to use the commercial English proficiency tests because they can’t secure fairness or equity in them. But it is clear from the beginning.
It is nonsense to seek for fairness or equity in English skills tests where no only one or absolutely correct answer exists. It is a very different subject from math, science and other subjects. 
If they can’t employ the second best testing system of using the commercial English proficiency tests, it would be better not to give any English tests to the students at the entrance examinations and fail the students if they don’t have good English skills enough to continue to study after they are accepted.
The English scores at the entrance exams have nothing to do with the total school records at the time of graduation and furthermore with the practical English ability in the real world, either.
Unless the universities can’t improve or change this kind of rigid, old and strange perfectionism against English language, just a communication tool, the English proficiency in entire Japan can’t be expected to be improved from now on, either.