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法廷(司法)通訳業務から見えること What we can see from judicial interpreters’ work 

More and more people from overseas are now living and working in Japan because of globalization and labor shortage.
Judging from what foreign languages have been used in the court trials, we can see what nationalities have made troubles brought into courts in Japan. About 50% of them were by Chinese and Vietnamese. 
(I have less work though I have been a registered court interpreter for Japanese and English, which can be explained by the data, saying the demand for English is only about 6 %.)
Interpreting languages never can be perfect and the misinterpretation can’t be avoided as human errors. The about 60 % interpreters admit they might have made misinterpretations as shown in the circle graph. 
You had better understand that about 20 % of the content at lowest will be lost through the interpreters.
On the other hand, the AI interpreter (computer translation) is still far from satisfaction as written in the attached article.