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実用英語教育に熱心な校長先生  A school principal enthusiastic for practical English education

An English teacher, with whom I had been serving for the nationwide English proficiency test for about 20 years as oral English examiners, is now working as a junior high school principal at my alma mater. 
I have heard that he eagerly continues to do his best in the practical oral English education.
It was only about 10 years ago that Onomichi city, which had not been cooperative in the practical English education, had the testing site for the 2nd Oral English proficiency test. (The English proficiency testing society has its about 50 year long history.)
It was not until the time when I asked then former Mayor to attract the testing site for the students in Onomichi and Onomichi Junior & High School accepted the 2nd Oral English proficiency testing site.
Now Onomichi city seems to have reached the standard level of the test taking and the practical English education.