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無料で効果的な世界への宣伝方法 Effective worldwide advertisement for free

日本貿易振興機構 には商品やサービスを無料で登録(日英併記)し世界に知らせることができる国際ビジネスマッチングサイトがあります。 
JETRO’s Trade Tie-up Promotion Program 
Japan External Trade Organization offers its free site of TTPP(Trade Tie-up Promotion Program), where anyone can register their products and/or services both in Japanese and in English to introduce them to the world.
I have registered my new business of Tour Guide for Non-Japanese yesterday on February 1. (the 6th one in the past decade)
I am looking forward to receiving reactions, answers and/or inquiries from those interested in my new project after the application is examined and passed by the JETRO authority.
Why don’t you do the same to show or introduce your goods and/or services to the world?
If necessary I would be happy to give you a paid help in consulting and language translation for your possible applications.