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人間と人工知能の共存 Coexistence of human beings and AI

The language barriers to be lowered, but ・・・・・:
Thanks to the AI development, the translation and/or interpretation by AI should be much improved in a few years, which is very good for the people in general.
But it is human beings that have to check the translation and/or interpretation results, which means that the responsible professionals need to study harder or make further efforts than AI does.
It is human beings that can understand the profound meanings of the words in the complicated contexts so that using AI translations blindly leads to failures. 
Therefore it is meaningless to say that AI makes our leaning languages less important. 
It may be the same as the case that we need physical exercise to keep good health even if extremely good medicines should be developed.
I don’t hope AI development makes us lose our intellectual interest or our appetite for knowledge, especially the young students their appetite to learn foreign languages.