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ギター製作プロセス Manufacturing process of classic guitars

Tsubaki Kazuo氏の投稿をシェアさせていただきました。 
ちなみに私の愛用クラシックギターの内の一台は1966年、田村 廣(H. TAMURA)氏(故人)による製作品です。趣味プラス-音楽-sns-無線-他/ギターソロライブ演奏/
I have shared the post by Mr. Kazuo Tsubaki.
It should be a wonderful resonating hand-made product using the human sensibility merged with his excellent technique by making good use of the natural material and the natural acoustic phenomenon.
Just for your information, one of my loving classic guitars is the Tamura hand-made in 1966.
I imagine that Mr. Tamura must have manufactures his in this way.