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職場や学校での言語学習を通じた相互理解 Mutual understanding through language learning at work and/or at school

日本語スピーチコンテスト2017 in 尾道:
Japanese speech contest 2017 in Onomichi:
The contest by foreigners living in and near Onomichi was held on November 19th.
Out of 11 participants, 6 speakers were students and 5 are trainees and workers from 8 countries of China, Italy, USA, England, Vietnam, Nepal, Indonesia, New Zealand.
All the speakers have 5 minutest for their each speech on their dreams, opinions, impressions in the daily life and introductions of their countries, which was followed by the amiable international exchange party.
Personally I was strongly interested in the speeches, the folk instrument (matouquin in Inner Mongolia) performing and the dreams by two Chines students studying in the doctorate course of Hiroshima University Graduate school and in Mihara High School.