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ラジオ、テレビ番組制作も仕事でした。 Radio and TV show program production was used to be my business line.

11年前、地元のケーブルテレビ、小生の番組「釜本 二 の クローズアップ情報」では表具を扱っておられる軸源(さんを取材、15分番組として放送させていただきました。!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgWzoGn4fBXVQJ0nO (放送No.197、放送日2006.09.17)
Vertical holders for Japanese folding (paper)fans: 
Eleven years ago, my CATV show titled “Close Up Information” covered JIKUGEN,, which had been manufacturing and dealing in hanging scrolls and other things Japanese. It was aired on September 17, 2016 as a 15 minute long program.!Ai_aaa4f_vZzgWzoGn4fBXVQJ0nO.
JIKUGEN has now put their emphasis on developing the original Japanese-style products.
Some of them are vertical Japanese folding fan holders, one of which is used in Guest House KTK (
You could see some others at