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リフォーム Renovation

It is said that if we have 3 houses built in life, the 3rd one must be very good, but it is not possible for me anymore.
Then we have made minor renovations in the past 10 years and the 3rd renovation will be finished by the end of this year.
The house we live now is the second one we had built at my age of 29.
As the first one, we bought the house and lot for sale in Kusatsu city near Osaka at the age of 26, where we lived for 3 years and sold, getting 3 million yen as a profit.
The 3rd building I had built at my age of 37 was the one for shops or offices for rent, where my office has been for 35 years.
The house I was born in (picture) was about 200 year-old wooden big house with its storehouse and burn on the both sides, but the big-boned house like this can be rarely seen these days and more and more nice looking neat houses (picture) have been increasing.