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視聴回数 19,995 回 Viewing number of 19,995 
本日8月26日午前5時時点での私の演奏「夜霧のしのび逢い La Playa」のヒット数です。本日中には20,000を記録するでしょう。
La Playa of my own playing has got 19,995 hits as of today on August 26, 2017. It will be over 20,000 within today.
The listeners might have remembered something in their life while listening it.
As for me, the atmosphere of my playing and recording comes back to my mind clearly.
I can also clearly remember the only one accidental sound-muffing place by my unconscious finger touch on the string and the noise that can’t be distinguished because the recorded music was not modified at all unlike the recording by the professional players.