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趣味の始まり Start of hobbies

Start of hobbies; Carcassi, a guitar playing textbook:
One of my hobbies, playing the guitar, rightly began with this textbook of a guitar playing textbook about 50 years ago.
This book by Mr. Seiji Nawata, a guitarist, is now out of print and very popular on the Internet auction.
A little before my twenty when I was in Osaka, I learned playing the guitar from Mr. Ikuya Nakagawa, a professional guitarist, and experienced playing solo, Adelita in the Asahi Seimei Hall 1n 1966 and Capricho Arabe in Moriguchi civic hall in 1967.
After that I enjoyed playing in the guitar & mandolin club in the private company for about 10 years and stopped it for about 30 years. It was only about 10 years ago to make a re-start of playing the guitar in Fukuyama in 2006 and Onomichi guitar ensemble groups until last year of 2016. Totally it is about 20 year-long hobby.