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あなたが主役! ギターカラオケ You are a Star! Guitar Karaoke

ご興味のある方、ギターカラオケはいかがですか? あなたが主役です! 

Music Karaoke is the one whose vocal part is played by music instruments such as the guitar, piano, flute and so on
I have made about 20 pieces of karaoke music for guitar playing in the past 2 months after transposing the music to the music scores 
Such pieces of work are the combination of music score and the karaoke music.
I have also prepared its homepage to introduce this work.
Why don’t you enjoy guitar karaoke if you are interested in it? You are a Star! 
(The guitar karaoke pieces can be used for solo and/or group playing using other music instruments.)
Two sample pieces of the work with my own guitar solo playing are uploaded at the following sites. All are only in Japanese though.
♪Cosmos: https♪://
♪Travelling to far places♪: