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民泊の醍醐味 Benefit of guest house

有名なミニチュア絵画作者、CG作家でありアートディレクターの東澤 雅晴(ひがしざわ まさはる、1951年 - )氏にお目にかかり、貴重な多くの時間を共有できるご縁をいただきました。…/%E6%9D%B1%E6%BE%A4%E9%9B%85%E6%9……
I had a chance to meet Mr. Masaharu Higashizawa, a famous painter of miniatures, CG creator and an art director, and enjoyed sharing much time with him, for which I thank a lot.…/%E6%9D%B1%E6%BE%A4%E9%9B%85%E6%9……
He stayed at Guest House KTK Onomichi for 3 days from July 3, 2017.
I wish him every success in his job from now on too.