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音楽は一生の友  Music is a lifetime friend.

Flowing With Time:
Some arrangements are needed to make backing music for my solo guitar-playing using the guitar music notes I have now.
For that purpose, the following two kinds of software are indispensable and luckily they are available on the web for nothing.
*Tune analyzing software
*Transposing software
Since the beginning of last month May, I have already made 13 backing music for my solo guitar-playing.
And I am now working on the 14th one, which is "Flowing With Time" by Teresa Teng. It takes me more time to finish because I need to make the music score from the piano note.
What I have made are popular (English, Japanese)songs, Japanese ballad songs, school songs, Japanese oldies and so on, but I must not forget to practice the classic guitar tunes including new ones.