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今日の尾道無料英会話道場 Today’s Free English Learning in Onomichi

取り上げたテーマは「Are Your Clothes Causing Pollution?」(あなたの衣類が公害の原因?)でした。…/3806162.html… 
The discussing theme of today was “Are Your Clothes Causing Pollution?”…/3806162.html…
It is said microfibers produced by one washing of the man-made clothes go down the drain with the wash water into the sea is a cause of a new pollution.
The average fleece clothe lost about one gram of fiber with each washing. The total amount all over the world is huge.
The biodegradable polymer are the natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton and so on) and the polylactic resin, which is the only one among many synthetic fibers or resins.