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真の意図 Real intent

1. 英検eラーニング(直接購入可)英検-e-ラーニング/講座購入2015-09/  
2. 節電虫(直接購入可)節電虫直接販売/ 
3. ゲストハウスKTK尾道(直接予約可)


Business on the Internet:
OFFICE KTK has now prepared the following three sites where our goods and/or services can be purchased directly.
1. Online English Learning Support: 
2. Direct shopping of SOD:…/
 3. Direct booking of Guest House KTK:

Regarding the No.1, the purchase notes are forwarded to us soon after the online lectures are consumed.
The annual (not monthly!) due is 1,000~1,500 Japanese Yen ($ 10 ~ 15). 
 I am happy with the purchasers’ success in EIKEN tests after they have learned in our web-based English course. 
But the real or hidden purpose of this English course is to have them learn how to master foreign language skills by themselves.