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442日系部隊・アメリカ史上最強の陸軍 442nd Regimental Combat Team、the strongest army ever recorded in American history

日系二世でお父さんが庄原出身ということでJohn Noboru Ito さん夫妻には特に親しく接していただいたことを思い出しながらの鑑賞でしたが、改めて戦争に関して無知であることを思い知らされました。
The day before yesterday, I had a chance to watch this movie in our city. 
In my thirties I had good contact with many Japanese Americans in the 2nd and 3rd generations through the amateur radio contact and visited USA many times with our children as well. 
The movie reminded me of Mr. and Mrs John Noboru Ito, Japanese Americans in the 2nd generation whose father was from Shobara, and their kind treatment for us. 
The movie also made me realize that I have been completely ignorant of the WW Second.