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授業料と学習効果 Tuition and learning effect

無料は自学と真の実力をつけるための良い処方箋です。他力本願では本当の“力”はつきません。地域ボランティア活動-音楽-英語/尾道ess-無料英会話道場/ (with English caption)
No tuition is needed at Onomichi Free English Learning Society. 
But at the English conversation schools, 10 students in a class usually pay 8,000 yen per month for four 90 minute-long lessons. 
The 5-8 members of Onomichi Free English Learning Society pay 1,000 yen per month for two 90 minute-long sessions. The money is not tuition, but operation cost for the learning organization. 
Members learn English by themselves daily in their ways, play a MC role by turns and brush up skills mutually each time.
No tuition is a good Rx for self-learning and acquiring a real power. We can’t get it when relying on other people. (with English caption)