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一人企業 One-man company

少し古いでですが、昨年2016年5月22日にNHK サキどり(で 「ひとりメーカーが風穴を開ける!?ニッポンのものづくり」という放送がありました。
Though being a little bit old, on May 22, 2016, the TV program named Sakidori (meaning get ahead of the times) by NHK showed us that one-man company may open a possible new approach to the manufacturing in Japan.
All the work of planning, designing, manufacturing and distribution for the products is carried out by one man and it is more effective in many cases.
Being big in company size is not always good and being small is never shamed.
One-man company can survive pleasantly and meaningfully if it can collaborate with others when needed.
The presentation by Mr. Takahashi, a robot creator, a specially appointed associated professor of Tokyo University, I posted the other day reminded me of the TV program aired last year.