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うれしい遭遇 A pleasant encounter

参考データ:大学世界ランキングでニューヨーク大学(NYU)は30位、東京大学は43位、 NYUからは24名以上のノーベル賞受賞者を輩出、…
A NYU student, a grandson of a member’s,Onomichi Free English Learning Society, visited me at my office yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise.
He was born in Japan and has lived in Germany, South Korea, Italy and China (Shanghai) for 3 to 6 years respectively. He is certainly an internationalized young man with fluent English and Japanese language abilities. He said he can understand the other spoken languages as well, to which I just gave sighs.
The meeting was just like a special extraordinary English meeting together with 3 other members.