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明日11/10の無料英会話道場 Free English learning in Onomichi tomorrow

10時30分からの三成道場では例会場所を今回のみ Mr. Noel Russell の事務所に移し、「日本、75歳以上高齢者が子供の数を上回る」という記事内容で討論します。「アメリカの1/3のカウンティで死亡が出生数を上回る」という内容記事も参考にして人口成長率や大都市と地方格差もトークの対象になります。…/3574388.html… 
We have two sessions, one in Minari and the other in Kubo tomorrow on November 10th. 
In Minari, our regular meeting place is at Mr. Noel Russell’s office this time on November 10th using the talking material titled “Seniors 75 and older outnumber children in Japan”. We also use “One-Third of U.S. Counties Have More Deaths than Births” as another population related topic to talk about the problems of population decline and/or regional differences.…/3574388.html… 
In Kubo, the session starts at 15:30 and talk about the various cultural school festivals at this time of the year with a Skype guest. The members must have experienced their own festivals while young. I am looking forward to hearing how they can explain them in English.