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久しぶりの展示会出展、IoT商品・技術     IoT product and technokogy, a presentation in a while at the exhibition

じばさん(地場産業)フェア2016 in 福山  
私と共同開発者の横山さんは最近話題となっているIoT (Internet of Things、物のインターネット) 商品として、「インターネットSOD」(写真、赤丸印)を展示、実演します。技術開発-1-電気関係/ 
Local Industry Fair 2016 in Fukuyama:
It is to be held on 19th and 20th this month near Fukuyama Station with about 70 companies and groups attended.
Fukuyama Invention Study Group, where I have been a member, exhibits IoT goods, 3D printers, LED goods, Rocket stoves and so on.
Mr. Yokoyama, an associate developer of mine and I exhibit Internet SOD as a IoT product (the one circled in red in the picture) and give a demonstration of it.