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5年前の贈り物 Presents 5 years ago



Gratefulness to dead Parents




♪♪・・・わからないだろうと届いたおふくろの小さな包み・・・・♪♪ のように、昨日、兵庫県丹波市の母親(義理、93歳)からこの時期の包みが届いた。中身(写真)は丹波のブランド品の丹波栗、黒豆、そして米とサトイモです。母親が自分で作ったのが黒豆とサトイモです。不自由な目で住所を書き、いつまでもありがたいことです。寒くなる前にまた一度訪ねてみたいと思っています。
A little package from Mother:
Yesterday we got a little seasonal percel from Mother-in-law (93 years old)., in which the bland agricultural products of chesnuts, black beans with rice and aroids (showed in the picture) were packed . She still can grow the black beans and the aroids by herself. We appreciate it very much because she must have written our address with her poor sight to send them to us.We would like to visit her to see again before it gets cold.