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長時間労働と過労死 Death by overwork

Death by overwork:
The employees of the big companies like Dentsu, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. are recognized to have been killed from excessive work, which means those are sweatshops because of their labor exploitation. There should be many more cases like these.
The employees should leave work on time and the supervisory employees can do their overwork up to two hours a day. If the working regulations don’t prevail, the employees should leave the company. The companies that can’t be managed without labor exploitation will go bankrupt in the end.
As for me, when I was working for a company as a technical researcher in my twenties, I never did overtime work more than 30 minutes and told my research assistants to leave on time after work. 
In my opinion, this problem of death by overwork has been developed in every step of school education from primary school to university such as the excessive homework, the meaninglessly long club activities, the overnight experiments and so on. 
This problem can’t be solved without the fundamental and serious attempt by us all.