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満州・ソ連での生存者による証言 Evidences by the survivals in Manchuria and Soviet Union

The other day, on September 30th, I had a chance to listen to two old men in their 90s and 80s who went to Manchuria from Sera in Hiroshima in his teens and in his elementary school days. The 92-year-old man was called up for military service there, became a captive soldier in Soviet after the WW second, escaped by himself and survived for 8 years. The other old man in his 80s was in the elementary school there and told us how the wartime education was. 
They are in the same generation of my late father. I could not stop my eyes being filled with tears because their experience was really hard and they were very devoted to their parents.
On the other hand, I have heard on the radio that the students at Kenkoku University in Manchuria could enjoy a good school life even in those wartime days. Comparing these two facts, I got irritated with the big difference between the two.