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うらましいほどの二ヶ国語能力、小学4年生      Enviably good bilingual skills of the 4th grader’s

Enviably good bilingual skills of the 4th grader’s:
A Japanese lady who studied at my own cram school several decades ago visited me with her family. She was one of our excellent students and studied at the university in USA and worked at the finance-related American company in New York until a year ago.
They have two children, a ten-year old daughter and a five-year old boy. Talking with their daughter, I found how naturally and beautifully she could use both languages of Japanese and English. My grafted English skills are far behind hers. The boy still prefers English to Japanese though he can hear Japanese without problems.
Her husband can do his job even in Onomichi, a local area here in Japan. He wants to establish his human and business network here as well so that I would be happy to be of any help for him.