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アカバネとオート三輪トラック            Akabane and three-wheeled truck

This is an electronic appliance manufacturing company that appeared only in the morning serial drama on NHK several times. The non-existing company tried to profit from the chaos after the World War II by producing and selling cheap and low-quality products. 
Only because of the sound of the name in Japanese, I could associate this dummy company in the dram with the real automobile manufacturer from the Taisho Period (1912-1926) to 1962 in Japan. Of course, the company was a good company and never produced the cheap and low-quality products.
I got some rides on the suicide seat of the bar steering typed 3 wheeled truck when I was in the elementary school, but it was very scary with no side door. I also practiced driving the steering wheel typed 3 wheeled truck by MAZDA in my junior high school days.