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TICAD(Tokyo International Conference on African Development) held on 27th and 28th this month in Nirobi, Kenya has been presided by Japan and it was the 6th one with 30 year long history.
The annual investment money to Africa now are $10 billion from Japan, $50 billion from England, $30 billion from France and $30 billion from China, but the results are not as good as expected.
For some years from 2007, I myself had met Kenyan Ambassador to Japan many times together with other 4 Ambassadors to Japan from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Sudan inTokyo, Hiroshima, Okayama, Fukuyama and Onomichi. In 2008, I visited Kenya and Uganda in an inspection and investment delegation by the public and private sectors. I also introduced many companies in Hiroshima and Okayama with their products, technologies and services. (The record has been kept in JETRO.) But not concrete results were obtained.
The poor results in spite of investment and/or efforts may be because of the tribal wars that waste the invested money and/or energy as well as no trusted foundations of business yet.
Furthermore, in those days neither of the Japanese foreign ministry and major Japanese banks supported our advancement and/or investment plan to Africa. They were right in the event though.
This time I can’t help but notice the showiness of the flagperson.