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水道哲学よりも水栓哲学を                                         Water faucet philosophy rather than water service philosophy

Water serving philosophy, which means large-scale production-and consumption philosophy by Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, a founder of PANASONIC , was meaningful in the days of supply shortage for a while after the World War 2nd, in Japan.
But Japan has changed a lot during the lost 25 years from 1990s.
And now water faucet philosophy is needed, which I myself named and it means that small-scale production and saving philosophy and stopping wasting, using unnecessary, bad, dangerous things are necessary. 
There should be new technologies and/or business models, which increase employment, to carry out the water faucet philosophy. And that leads to the true economic growth. The economic growth only by the consumption increase is superficial and almost impossible at least in Japan.