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お金を使わない最も効果的な在宅英語学習法                     Most effective English learning method with no money at home

① NHKのラジオ講座を利用する(テレビ講座ではありません!)、
② テキストは決して買わず、耳、口、目、手を使って講座時間内に講座のスキットを自分で作り上げる、
③ スキットで完成しない個所が弱点なのでこれを克服する努力をする、
④ 習得した言葉を実際に使う(書く、言う)。例えば、 尾道無料英会話道場に参加する。英検-e-ラーニング/ 
I personally believe that neither money (tuition) nor studying abroad is needed to master foreign languages. But we have to carry out the followings. 
① To learn using the NHK language programs on the radio, not on TV
② Not to buy the language program textbooks, but to make up the skits using our own ears, mouth, eyes and hands within the lecture time.
③ To overcome our weak points seen in the uncompleted skits, which are the words and/or expressions you could not hear or write down.
④ To put what you have learned into use (in writing or speaking), for example by joining Free English Learning Society in Onomichi
Furthermore, languages are not what we are taught, but what we acquire by ourselves for adults.