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禁じられた遊び(愛のロマンス)、その原曲         Les Jeux Interdits (Forbidden Play, Romance) and its original music

The guitar music played by Narciso Yepes in Forbidden Play produced in France in 1952 became a big hit all over the world.
For a long time, the composer of the music had been unknown and I have heard it was one of the Spanish folk music.
But according to NHK educational TV, it is originated from the etude composed by Antonio Rubira in 1913.
I have listened to the live music by Yepes 3 times in Japan and kept his CD he autographed for me. I should have shaken hands with him at that time.
I wired his play of Les Jeux Interdits in my FM radio program one day after he passed away as a memorial music.
The music looks and/or sounds easy, but not actually though many people try to play it.