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正体判明 Real identity revealed

「デイリリー」(day lily)の英名どおり、花は一日花で午前中の花が美しいです。1本の花茎にたくさんの花を咲かせ、何本も立ち上がるので、長期間花が楽しめます。園芸品種は2万以上あるといわれ、花色、花形、草姿などさまざまです。
We have now got to know what the flower that came out of nowhere to our garden is.
It is a perennial named hemerocallis or day lily in the lily family and blooms in the early summer up to the end of summer with many flowers on one stem one after another. It is a very strong flower and easy to cultivate. 
As the name shows the flowers have only one-day life and more beautiful in the morning. It is said that they have more than 20,000 varieties in the colors, shapes of the flowers and the whole plant figures.