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言い訳、開き直り、知らんふり・・・     Excuse, so-what attitude, shutting eyes ・・・・・

身近で利用しているU社のY 社長、R社のM社長、S社のS社長などなど、表面的にはきれいでご立派4な仕事をしているようですが、どんな言い訳をいくらしても信用も尊敬もできません。
Recently we have seen many people and companies making excuses, taking so-what attitude, shutting their eyes toward what they have done in automobile fuel mileage testing, tax evasion, politics by motor companies, company presidents and politicians. They look they are doing good job at least on the surface, but we can’t trust them however good and/or much excuse they make. What we can do against them is never to buy their products and/or service or support them. We can find many other substitutes instead.