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ネクタイと転勤 Ties and company transfers

The other day on TV, I happened to know the former Uruguayan President Mujica Cordano hates ties and has never worn them.
That reminded me of the questions I had been asked several times after I became self-employed 40 years ago. The question was why I stopped working for the company I had worked for about 10 years and my answers was that I hated ties and job-related transfers though I had been a salaried man. 
I wear ties to the minimum necessary according to time, place and occasion. Otherwise they are not necessary at all because ties can hide human nature. In other words, even liars can often look fine gentlemen with ties worn. 
The company transfer often causes serious problems especially when the company workers are relocated singularly though they have their families. So I didn’t want to take the risk of it for myself and my family.