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ある若者からの問い合わせ An inquiry from a youth

I got an inquiry from a 2nd grade high school student who read my blog and wants to know how he can be an examiner of the second-stage oral English proficiency test in the future. It was soon after my serving as an English proficiency examiner for the 28th consecutive year on November 8th. 
He has already passed the 2nd grade proficiency test and is to take the pre-1st grade soon. But it is not his direct plan to be an English teacher or an examiner of the English proficiency test, and firstly he wants to study at the internationalized university in a year or two. I sincerely wish his success.
Then I sent him my return mail with the necessary information with some pieces of advice. For the most working people, English is one of the communication tool languages. After getting the wider knowledge and experience in his job as a working man, I hope he will have a chance to be an examiner in the future.