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東芝不正会計事件 Toshiba’ s accounting fraud

この恥ずべき一件はそろそろ忘れられる頃でしょうか? 歴史は繰り返すと言いますが、国際的にも悪影響のある不名誉な事件が日本でも不定期に必ず起こります。結局は人間としての倫理感、道徳観不足の人がトップに座ったということだったのでしょう。企業に限らず、社会的に地位が高いと言われている人たちにも要注意でしょう。


Is it about time to forget about this shameful case? As a proverb says history repeats itself, the internationally disgraceful events like Toshiba’s case are repeated for sure again and again in Japan as well. After all it is attributed to that their presidents had no morals or no ethics. Besides companies, some other people who are thought to be in the higher social position also should be carefully kept watched.

I have experienced to be called by Toshiba and visited their Himeji Factory, where they just tried to collect our technology information of SOD. They din not take any actions afterwards, which has given us only a very bad unforgettable.