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世界最高のサイクリング ルート The world's most incredible bike routes

世界の200ヶ国以上、一億世帯で視聴可能なCNNが紹介した10の世界ベスト・サイクリング・ルートの5番目として尾道~今治間の「しまなみ海道、The Shimanami Kaido」が紹介されています。…/travel/hiroshima-shimanami-kaido-…/ (英語版)
CNN that can be subscribed more than 200 countries by about 100 million households has reported 10 world's most incredible bike routes and the Shimanami Kaido (Japan), which is between our city of Onomichi and Imabari city in the opposite side of the Seto Inland Sea, is ranked at the 5th place.…/travel/hiroshima-shimanami-kaido-…/ (English)
It is no wonder that the number of foreign tourist to our city of Onomichi increases every year by several tens of thousands.
We, 5 members of Onomichi English Speaking Society, are to welcome these foreign tourist as volunteer guides at the Onomichi station today and tomorrow as the first trial together with 10 Higashi High School students.