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ホームページの“見える”化  Visualizing of Homepage

盆休みを利用し、これまで文字情報中心の内容を写真や動画(ユーチューブ)にしてホームページをできるだけ見やすく、理解いただき易くするように努力しています。以下はその第二弾です。 (日英併記、3分18秒)
Visualizing of Homepage:
Making use of Bon Festival vacation, I have been making efforts to make the home pages easier to see and to understand as much as possible by using videos (YouTube) and/or pictures. The second trial is as follows. (Both in English and in Japanese, 3 minutes and 18 seconds)
This video has been listed on the following website.…/写真による略歴紹介-career-history-by-pic…/