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ホームページ紹介動画 Homepage introduction video

実用英検面接試験官25年以上の経験を基にしたe ラーニング(実用英検2次面接試験対策及び実力養成講座)サービス提供(9月1日開始予定)にあたり、これまでの業務、活動のPR紹介を兼ねて釜本事務所ホームページをサーフィン感覚で紹介するPRビデオを日本語と英語版で制作しました。ご覧いただければ幸いです。日本語版4分25秒) (英語版2分)

Commemorating the release of the online English learning materials produced by Office KTK, a brief introduction video of the office has been produced and uploaded at the following site. (English version, 2 minutes)
You would be able to look at it as if you were surfing. The learning materials have been produced by making use of Karl’s long English oral proficiency examiner in Japan for more than 25 years and they are to be online on September 1, 2015.