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海外医療・介護従事者の受入れ  Accepting overseas medical workers

なお、ご紹介する以下の動画 は、尾道英会話道場でメンバーの一人がゲストと話している一場面です。ご覧下さい。
Yesterday’s discussion theme was suddenly changed to the above written one from the “Cyberattacks” preannounced the day before yesterday.
The biggest bottleneck in accepting the overseas medical workers is due to a language problem. In the global society, both parties (countries) should make efforts to get the language skills of each other’s and should not force the overseas workers to get them one-sidedly. They should use both languages in the workplaces on the 50 (domestic language) to 50 (foreign language) basis. The foreign licenses also should be approved mutually for them to start working in a professional manner as soon as possible and the language skills are to be obtained as time passes in a few years or so. These are direct opinions by the doctor and the nurse born in the Philippines, who have worked in Thailand, USA and other countries. The related people should listen to the experienced doctors, nurses and caregivers and change the current policy.
Though the movie of is one scene at our English learning session on June 11, 2015, please have a look at it.