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地方創生クールジャパンプロジェクト「The Wonder 500」 Cool Japan Project “The Wonder 500” for Regional Revitalization

「The Wonder 500」認定公募の概要及び応募については公式ホームページにてご確認いただき、ご興味のある方は応募されたらいかがでしょうか。応募対象になり得るかどうかは事務局に問わせれば、返事をいただけます。
It is one the project by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. You would confirm the details on the web of and apply for it if you are interested in the project. You can get to know your plans, products are applicable or not by inquiring to its office. 
Just for your information, my plan has been approved to be applicable in Manufacturing Technology Division so that I am to apply for it within this week.