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2回目のコレギドール島、太平洋戦争の激戦地  Second visit to Corregidor, the bloodiest battlefield during the Pacific War

In this month, February of the year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, I again visited the island for the first time in the past dozen years or so. Corregidor was strategically the most important place during the fierce battle in Manila. 
And I also extended my legs to the Bataan Peninsula where the Bataan Death March was staged. 
I again confirmed very many devastating scars of the war and the war records remaining here and there. 
I can’t write the good sentences that can console the war dead in huge number, but we all can pray for them with our hands put together wherever we maybe and whenever it may be if we study our history correctly as it is.
Only in one month in February of 1945 just 70 years ago, as many as about 20,000 Japanese soldiers were killed. And only in Luzon about 200,000 Japanese soldiers, about 10,000 American soldiers and about 100,000 Philippine people were killed in the war. 
We can’t deny the fact that Japan caused so much trouble in the foreign territory of the Philippines in World War II. 
(The number of the war dead all over the Philippines is about the twice of the above mentioned number.)